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Business model generation for communities

This week, John Smith visited The Netherlands. John was on his way to a conference in Saudi-Arabia and wanted to adjust to the time zone (his words :) ). Which is a great thing, so we had some time to spend with him. Sunday we had a great dinner at Marc Coender’s place and monday John, Joitske Hulsebosch and I organized a working session in Wageningen. We wanted to think about possible business models for communities of practice as well as for social learning consultancy.

We used the wonderfull business model framework by Alex Osterwalder. I can highly recommend using this framework if you are thinking about businessmodels, its real easy to use.


John started with a short introduction to the model and showed us some examples of business models for communities that he had worked with lately (Update 17/12/10: see John’s slides here). Another nice illustrative example is the businessmodel of the FIFA world cup using the business model canvas.

I had printed out the canvas on a big poster size (A0) and a couple of smaller ones (A3). We decided with the group on for what specific community we would like to work out a business model for. Then we split out in 3 break out groups and each group filled in the canvas. We did this in world café style (3 rounds) so one person stayed with the canvas and the others changed groups. After 3 rounds we used the large poster to summerize our findings.

The Osterwalder process worked very enaging and for me it was a very usefull way to also think about the business model of community and not only about the design of the community itself. Very important to create a sustainable community and should be standard practice to buy ativan online

Resources: Links at Diigo #businessmodel | Twitter: #bm4cop | Pictures of the session